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Mission, Vision & Values

The pen is truly more powerful than the sword. Good literature lasts beyond wars, beyond hostility and beyond death. 4th Floor Press, Inc. prides itself on its many different lines of publication. From the best of literary fiction, non-fiction, science and technology, genealogy, personal stories to business development, we polish each manuscript to perfection.

If you have written a book and you want to see it in print, you are faced with the new challenges of the North American publishing industry. Many people wait years and years to see their book in print. Their book is rejected hundreds of times. This doesn't mean you have no talent. It means that the competition among writers is just too great and there are fewer and fewer readers as North Americans work harder to hold on to their way of life.

The good news is that you can self-publish. Here at 4th Floor Press, Inc. you can print at almost any price point. Printing runs start at one book and go as high as one hundred thousand. We walk you through the entire publishing process: from cover layout, to editing, to distribution, we handle it all. We'll even write the book for you through our exclusive ghostwriting department.

Self-publishing a book is like buying a car. You can spend as little or as much as you want. The result is you will have something better than a bunch of hand written pages that someone in your family or company is likely to deem 'junk'. Books are treasured. Books are powerful.

Millions of people want to tell their story. In North America, this is even more true as many people have immigrated here and their pasts are enshrouded in turmoil, pain and yearning. They have come here in order to build a new life, to build a dream. The culmination of that dream is to immortalize it in the written form, a book. Many people want to create a family legacy and a book does that quite nicely. Some people want a book to assist in their speaking engagements. Whatever your publishing needs we at 4th Floor Press, Inc. can fill them.

"I discovered 4th Floor Press, Inc. while extensively researching companies that help people self-publish. I had looked into print-on-demand and other book printing companies, but felt nervous about the quality of product and service I might get. I am cautious by nature and I wanted a company I could trust with my book dream... "
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Jocey Asnong, Author
Nuptse and Lhotse in Nepal
Canmore, Alberta

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