Don’t Get Married…Unless by Lorraine M. Wright

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Call of a Distant Shore
Don’t Get Married…
by Lorraine M. Wright

Stop! Are you ready to tie the knot? Is your partner?

Dr. Lorraine M. Wright profoundly believes in marriage. However, she believes that many people should either never marry or should at least put it off for a while. If you or your partner suffer from late maturation, selfishness, poor decision-making, and/or inadequate communication or relationship skills, don’t get married! Does your potential spouse have a drinking problem; a jealousy problem? Does he/she not want you to meet their family? These are warning signs you shouldn’t ignore. In Don’t Get Married…Unless, Dr. Wright offers very specific situations, qualities, and deficits that are signals of when NOT to marry.

Dr. Wright believes that marriage is a sacred covenant. For those who choose to enter into this most cherished union, she offers very concrete advice, skills, rituals, and tools to fortify your marriage. First, she says, you must marry the “right person” and BE the “right person”. Afterward, you must follow the THREE Pillars to Fortify Your Marriage.

Single readers will learn to make better decisions about who NOT to marry, while preparing themselves for when the time, and mate, is right. Use your singleness as a time to improve and prepare for love. For those readers who are already married, Don’t Get Married…Unless offers hope, skills and tools to create marital bliss by fortifying your marriage.