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A Second Look at Sunny Ways Available Now!

With a federal election now in full swing, author Louise Muir asks you to take A Second Look at Sunny Ways.

During the coming weeks, voters will be bombarded with advertising campaigns, each intended to secure the vote of the listener. Many will contain promises for the future; many will describe failings of the past.

A Second Look at Sunny Ways is a collection of essays that describes major events which have had an impact on Canadians during recent years.  The information has been taken from well-known and well-established media sources, and is provided by several contributors. No opinion is offered—the opinions that matter are those of the readers to be formed after reacting to the information provided in the work.

Following his election in 2015, Justin Trudeau enjoyed a certain popularity that in itself negated much criticism of his decisions and leadership style.  Many overlooked the long-term ramifications. Many did not.

Until the SNC Lavalin affair and the McLean’s cover story with the label “The Imposter” under his photo, Trudeau enjoyed widespread approval, from the media and from Canadians themselves.

A Second Look at Sunny Ways examines a number of the decisions made by the Prime Minister since his election to the House of Commons and as Prime Minister. It reminds readers that ‘actions speak louder than words.’  It refers to long-established principles that have made Canada an enviable place to live and asks the reader to determine whether those principles have been held paramount, and whether they are important enough to be preserved.

Available Now!