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Once your manuscript has been evaluated and accepted by 4th Floor Press, the editing process will begin*. Our professional editors will not only supply a complete and thorough technical edit of your work, but storyline and dialogue suggestions as well. Upon completion of the edit, we either return the manuscript to you for changes or we can have our typing staff do the rewrite for you at an additional cost.


Our very competitive editing rate is $85.00 Canadian per hour plus GST. This process guarantees that your book is of the highest quality before it goes to print. The last thing you want your readers to be concentrating on when reading your book are typos! Professional editing ensures against an embarrassing and lackluster final product.


*Editing is an optional service. 4th Floor Press does not require that all its books are edited, but we strongly recommend it.




4th Floor Press, Inc. offers a unique service with our typing department. We understand that there are people with a story to tell who lack the ability to type for a number of reasons. Our typing fees start as low as $2.00 per page and our typists will work from either hand written copy or dictation.