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There are many self-publishing and print-on-demand companies out there today due to the agonizingly slow and frustrating pace


Once your manuscript has been evaluated and accepted by 4th Floor Press, the editing process will begin*. Our professional ed

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Once the typing and editing of your manuscript are complete it's time to start planning the layout and design of your book. W


From formatting, we quickly move on to printing. You tell us how many copies of your book you want and we'll print them. You

Ghost Writing

Ghost Writing: Maybe you have a story to tell or thesis to present but lack the skills, concentration, and time to put it in

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4th Floor Press believes in the promotion of our authors. We work hard to maintain and stock a respectable and distinguished

eBook Creation

The digital age is upon us, and that means greater sales possibilities for self-published authors. At 4th Floor Press, we pro

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  • Beliefs and Illness: A Model for Healing
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What People Say

  • 4th Floor Press, Inc. is an excellent company to work with. Their approach to a project is always very professional whether it is a preliminary meeting to discuss marketing possibilities and strategy, or a mid-term meeting to deal with editing, technical or printing challenges. I have always appreciated their straight forward, honest way of doing business and their, at times, unique insights into the publishing business. Lastly, they are tenacious. If they say they will do something, they get it done.
      - Straightforward & Honest   William Roy Brownridge, Author, Tracking The Iron Horse, The Moccasin Goalie, The Final Game, Victory at Paradise Hill
  • When I contacted Anne, she was the first positive voice I heard in the industry after a lot of rejections. She was very helpful throughout the whole process from beginning to end and still provides assistance to me. I would and have highly recommended 4th Floor Press, Inc. to anybody looking to self-publish their books.
      - A Positive Voice   Linda Lee Co-author, Shoulder Buddies: Helping Kids with Self Esteem and From the Inside Out: A Self-Esteem Book for Kids
  • Writing is an isolating endeavor, but when that novel is finished, the stress sets in as the search for a publisher or an agent makes one more isolated than the writing did. Thanks to 4th Floor Press, I can concentrate on my writing and leave the work of getting my books to the market to your professional team. From start to finish, I have been thoroughly satisfied. I find everyone to be extremely professional, supportive and responsive. The books which I have published through 4th Floor Press, Inc. are of the highest quality. I highly recommend your services to writers, whether they are just getting started or they are established but would prefer to have more control over their work.
      - The Highest Quality   Ada Gillard, Author, Gambler's Cove, A Matter of Time, Murphy's Law, Like Coming Home
  • I have only the kindest things to say about my publishing experience. Everyone was highly professional, knowledgeable and to the point about how the process would unfold. 4th Floor Press has made publishing such a rich and rewarding experience that I can't wait to put forward the proposal for my second book.
      - Rich and Rewarding   Carrieanne Fonger, Author, ENlightENMENT, One Woman's Journey as an Extrasensory Human
  • Thanks to the knowledgeable and caring staff of 4th Floor Press, Inc., a book with a beautiful distinctive look that complemented my original vision was produced. They provided creative suggestions without compromising my own storytelling voice. With 4th Floor Press, I was able to stay in the driver's seat and create what my heart really desired, a book that didn't scrimp on the smallest details.
      - Beautiful, Distinctive Books   Jan Batiuk, Author, Life is a Song Waiting to be Released
  • I discovered 4th Floor Press, Inc. while extensively researching companies that help people self-publish. I had looked into print-on-demand and other book printing companies, but felt nervous about the quality of product and service I might get. 4th Floor Press, Inc. immediately set itself above the rest. I loved that they selected quality projects through a traditional submission process. I was relieved that I would keep creative control, and I was thoroughly impressed with the experience and knowledge that my project manager Anne and the rest of the team possessed. The qualities that I would soon discover and truly appreciate about this group were their unwavering patience, encouragement, dedication and friendship through the stress that a person goes through while putting a book together. They were there supporting me through every single word, comma, edit, proof, illustration and design change. Through their guidance and skills they made my book better than what I ever imagined!
      - Better than I ever Imagined   Jocey Asnong, Author, Nuptse and Lhotse in Nepal

News & Announcements

A Second Look at Sunny Ways Available Now!

With a federal election now in full swing, author Louise Muir asks you to take A Second Look at Sunny Ways. During the coming weeks, voters will be bombarded with advertising campaigns, each intended to secure the vote of the listener. Many will contain promises for the future; many will describe failings of the past.


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Dandelion Angel Wins Silver at the eLit Awards!

Dandelion Angel by C.B. Calico Wins Silver Medal at eLit Awards   Congratulations to C.B. Calico on her silver medal win at the 2016 eLit Awards! This dynamic contemporary fiction novel took home top honours in the Women’s Issues category. We’re so proud of C.B. and this outstanding eBook!     Download your copy today! http://www.amazon.ca/dp/B0112SC9CA


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Inspire Project: Mini Heroes Book Launch

Inspire Project: Mini Heroes launches tonight in Calgary! Created, crafted, and envisioned by a dynamic group of people, this stunning portrait series strives to remind us all where greatness starts. With proceeds from the sale of the book going to children’s charities in Canada, we can’t wait to start seeing fly off the shelves! Order


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