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There are many self-publishing and print-on-demand companies out there today due to the agonizingly slow and frustrating pace of the traditional publishing industry. 4th Floor Press, Inc. distinguishes itself by being discerning in its content. We want every book we publish to not only stand on its own, but to complement the books next to them. We want the customers and stores buying our books to know that they are of the highest quality.

In order to accomplish this, each manuscript that is sent to us is evaluated by our staff for content. If the material is found to be libelous, slanderous, exploitative, or demeaning to any one group of people we will not publish it. However, if your book has merit and quality we will gladly help you in accomplishing the dream of seeing your book in print.


4th Floor Press publishes a complete line of books:

Children’s Books


  •     Contemporary
  •     Science-Fiction
  •     Fantasy
  •     Children’s Fiction
  •     Young Adult
  •     Romance
  •      Westerns
  •      Historical

Short Stories


Health and Wellness





Cook Books


To ensure the quality of our product line, 4th Floor Press does charge an evaluation fee of  $300.00 CDN + 5% tax. This allows our staff to read your manuscript from beginning to end, often giving constructive feedback in the process, and create a custom quote for the production of your book.  If you decide to publish with us, the $300 evaluation fee will be deducted from your final bill. 

Your manuscript and the evaluation fee can be emailed to, or hard copies can be sent to:


4th Floor Press, Inc.
139 25th Avenue NW
Calgary, AB
T2M 2A4


Attention: Evaluation Desk

Please include an appropriate sized self-addressed stamped envelope (please note that only postage stamps will work) and a cheque or money order payable to 4th Floor Press, Inc. All manuscripts must be double-spaced with twelve point font.


Once the evaluation is complete, we will let you know if your work has been accepted and provide you with a detailed quote for production.

Contact 4th Floor Press today for Self-Publishing that’s a step above!