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4th Floor Press believes in the promotion of our authors. We work hard to maintain and stock a respectable and distinguished online bookstore in order to promote your sales. Each book printed by 4th Floor Press, Inc. comes with its own ISBN, CIP Listing, and UPC Code. If bookstores or libraries are interested in carrying your book, we’ll be able to supply them with any number of copies that they request.

Once your book has been printed, 4th Floor Press, Inc. will list it for sale on our Online Bookstore. The listing will include your title, a picture of your cover, a synopsis of the book, and retail price.

At the author’s request, we also list all hard copy 4th Floor Press titles on and, and eBooks on Amazon Kindle and Kobo. We’re also happy to help with social media by setting our authors up on Goodreads, Facebook, and Twitter.

An author is always their own best promoter. The more you push your own work, the higher your sales will be!