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Once the typing and editing of your manuscript are complete, it’s time to start planning the layout and design of your book. We offer guidance in creating the concept of your book, but leave the entire decision making process up to you. You’ll never lose control of your work! 4th Floor Press, Inc.’s digital formatters will work with you to find the exact look you want. From font size to cover art, we’ll provide you with precisely what you’re looking for.

You’ll determine the size of your book, whether the cover is a paperback or hardcover. The color scheme, binding, and the artwork used for the cover are all your decisions. If you have your own artwork that you’d like to use, we’ll be happy to digitize it and print it for you. Or, alternatively, we’ll find you an artist to work with to create the exact image you have in mind.

4th Floor Press, Inc. understands that you’ve put so much work into writing your story and will never ask you to surrender creative control the way traditional publishers do. We want to put your completed vision onto the page and into the hands of readers.