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Where is the Cat? by A.J. Gillard

This delightful children’s book was brought to 4th Floor Press by author A.J. Gillard in 2015. With its brightly coloured, fun illustrations and easy rhyming scheme, Where is the Cat? is a perfect early-reader. Recently picked up by a distributor in France, this title is now flying around the world as children learn to read and discover just exactly where Shroom the Cat is hiding.

Where’s the Cat? by A.J. Gillard

Where is the Cat? Is he there on the pillow, the pillow that’s yellow? Is he there in the box, the box full of socks? Follow Shroom the evasive cat as he plays and frolics his way through his house.

Where is the Cat? is a delightful romp that will enchant young readers as they learn.


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Date 16 Nov 2015 Categories Hard Cover Author 4thFloor Press