The Irish Connection by A.J. Gillard

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The Irish Connection by A.J. Gillard
The Irish Connection
by A.J. Gillard



When everything in your life goes wrong, when your dreams are suddenly sidetracked and turned about, how do you begin anew? Where do you find the strength to rebuild?
For Kennedy Farrell, the answer has always sounded easy. When life doesn’t go the way you’ve planned, work on a Plan B. Sure, it seemed simple enough when she told it to her clients at the gym. As a fitness specialist in Boston she often found herself handing out such sage advice. After all, it didn’t ever affect her commitment-free life. Not until Tyler Roberts walked in the door, that is. Soon she discovered she had no Plan B.
Jaw-droppingly handsome and one of the world’s richest hotel magnates, Tyler Roberts was used to commanding a room. Now, faced with a house full of females—his injured sister Erin, her four-year-old daughter Niki, and the stalwart housekeeper Mary—he suddenly finds himself in desperate need of help. Erin’s career as a ballerina was destroyed in a tragic car accident that also took the life of her husband. Bitter and resigned, she’s wasting away before Tyler’s eyes. He has to get her back, at any cost.
The minute Tyler set eyes on Kennedy Farrell, he knew she’d be the one who’d save his sister. What he didn’t know was that this feisty, effervescent Irish beauty would irreparably change his own world—and his heart—forever. Between them stands their different backgrounds, their stubborn natures, the jealously vindictive Roberts’ family lawyer who will stop at nothing to land Tyler for herself, and the seemingly insurmountable obligations of their lives. But between them they share a connection so deep it can’t be denied: a connection of love, of hearts. The Irish Connection.