Kids of Concern by Perry Logan

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Canadian author, Perry Logan, woke up on the couch one day with the idea for Kids of Concern. He got up and started writing.

Kids of Concern is a North American political adventure novel that tries hard to stay ahead of the real-life plot twists happening today. Backroom politics, espionage, scandals, and futuristic technology all combine in this fast-paced novel that takes you on an adventure where the kids are not the only concern.

Magnificent!!  …Kids of Concern has been masterfully crafted with suspense, compassion and intrigue, that makes this book hard to put down.  The characters and plot have been intricately woven and it is easy to form pictures in your mind as his writing plays out like a movie.  Perry Logan is a brilliant writer, and I cannot wait to read more from him.  Highly recommended!

~ Janine Fulla

Kids of Concern grabbed my imagination early and made it hard to put it down. If you enjoy a story with lots of mystery and left and right turns then this book is for you. Great characters, lots of story lines and an ending I never saw coming.

~ Steve Parson

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