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Left at Oak Street by Grant Norlin

What if you could step out of your life? If you could decide to go left, instead of your usual right, and change everything? Charles Abbott pondered this as he sat at home alone, recovering from a serious car accident. His loving wife, Renee, had returned to work; his kids, all grown, were living their lives. And, there he was, strumming an old song on his favorite guitar. Right or Left at Oak Street, the lyrics went, that’s the choice I make every day.

 Charles had made the right choices his whole life, had set aside his rock-and-roll dreams to raise his family. Always right, right, right. Until one day, he decided to turn left.

Once he’s around that first corner, where will Charles stop? Robbery, buying a new name, a new identity, leaving his family behind? Murder? Hell, now that he’s turned Left at Oak Street, why not keep going?




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