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Tin Can

Tin Can
by Colin Noble

The Edwards family pushes outward into deep space, pummelled by solar storms, unable to return to earth. Complications arise during their colonizing mission and Space Command abandons them. Cast off, with only the aid of a bio-engineered lemur, they struggle to survive. When one of the children begins to visualize new ways of navigating space through the prism of his mutating neural connections, the crew reaches back to earth’s outcasts for help in analyzing the visions. Together they travel along neuro-pathways searching for answers to save the earth and themselves.
Engaging, humorous, and with many imaginative twists, Tin Can is a character-driven, young adult, science fiction novel that will have you cheering for the underdog. Brilliantly layered, this tale of making connections masterfully sets the intricacies of science with the bold imagery of the truly fantastic.