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A “Bankspeak” Primer for Small Business

by Leslie D. Marion

Have you ever thought of going into business? What form of organization do you want and what kinds of questions should you ask? How much money do you need and where do you go to get it? Most people who don’t understand banking are
afraid and don’t get the “lingo.” Easy Money tells you what you need to know about corporations, banks, other forms of financing available, and a glossary of
terms. It uses real examples and, in most cases, real names to illustrate the points. You will see yourself in them. It’s everything you need to move ahead and get the people and institutions you need onside with you. Easy Money will build the confidence you need to understand how to get where you want to go.
With over 40 years of banking experience—as an account manager, risk manager, and teacher—author Leslie D. Marion has worked hard to make a difference to small businesses and in helping how lenders view their clients. Through Easy Money, she shares her extensive knowledge to help you work successfully with your bank.

ISBN 978-1-7771032-2-4