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Call of a Distant Shore
Tracking the Iron Horse
by William Roy (Bill) Brownridge
With his Toyota packed to the roof, William Roy Brownridge set out in 1976 to capture a part of Canadiana close to his heart—the disappearing railway of the prairies. As a child in Saskatchewan the renowned artist and painter had always been fascinated with the giant system of cars and rails that were a rich and intrinsic part of his father’s life. He had stood on the platform, watching his dad, the station agent, in awe of the mighty Iron Horse and fascinated by the people it collected and delivered every hour of every day.
As the years went by, the magic of the railway continued to captivate his imagination. With these vivid memories, he journeyed from Calgary through the prairies into Manitoba, determined to meet the great men, like his father, who had pioneered the industry and capture what, even then, was beginning to vanish from the landscape. Filled with paintings of the stations we rarely see anymore and interviews with the men of the CNR and the CPR, Tracking the Iron Horse is a reflection on his lifelong admiration for both the rails and the Canadian Prairie. Unreleased until now, this valuable collection of original artwork is more than just a series of paintings in oil and sketches, it is our history.
Bill is best known as one of Canada’s most distinguished hockey artists and is the acclaimed author of three Canadian classic children’s hockey books. His passion for the game of hockey runs as deep as his love of the railway and is reflected in his paintings and books. He often uses hockey as a metaphor of life, speaking to the importance of teamwork and promoting the true spirit of the game. For more information about Mr. Brownridge and his work, please visit his official website: .
This gorgeous soft cover edition is a collector’s dream with its high quality paper, stunning reproductions and smythsewn binding.
Soft Cover Edition

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