A Matter of Time by A.J. Gillard

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Call of a Distant Shore
A Matter of Time
by A.J. Gillard
In her brilliant debut romance, Like Coming Home, author A.J. Gillard introduced you to her most beloved heroine Dr. Kate Holt and the three Cherokee brothers who saved and
changed her life forever. Kate’s passion and love for Rylan had readers enthralled with the idea that two lives could intertwine so completely, so beautifully, while embracing the affection of the family around them—both past and present.
In the stunning sequel, A Matter of Time, Ms. Gillard follows up on the loves and lives of these tantalizing characters. When tragedy strikes and Kate fi nds herself unable to stay in the sleepy town of l’Orignal, it is Rylan’s family who steps in to save her once again. But can James really revive her this time? Will the promise of future happiness drown the sorrow in her heart?
If you thought the story had ended with Rylan and Kate’s wedding, you couldn’t be more wrong. That beautiful day in Kate’s life was only the beginning. It was only A Matter of Time before Kate found the path she was always meant to follow.