Like Coming Home by A.J. Gillard

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Call of a Distant Shore
Like Coming Home
by A.J. Gillard

After a vicious physical attack in the Emergency Room where Kate works in Boston and the tragic loss of her sister, she walks away from her life and starts all over again.

She strongly believes that fate has brought her to the little town of l’Orignal and given her a second chance at life. It is in that small town that she meets three Cherokee brothers. Tim teaches her native medicine. James teaches her fundamentals of their intriguing language. And Rylan shows her how to forget the past and love again.

All three brothers give her a reason to live and soon she can scarcely remember a time when she was alone in the world. They give her the courage to return to the Emergency Room once again.

But, it is there that Rylan, a firefighter, puts Kate’s love for him to the ultimate test. As he fights for his life, she realizes she can never live without him.

Like Coming Home is a passionate story of three brothers and the woman who loved them all: her mistakes, her triumphs, her tragedies and, finally, the true love that proves fate did indeed bring her to them.