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Soul Wavesoul-wave-front-cover

by Grant Figley

with Mary-Ann David-Figley


Soul wave is the energy field and intelligence of the soul, which is meant to guide you through life so you can fulfill your life’s purpose and remain on your intended path. This book provides spiritual understanding and life guidance, as well as insights about the soul and soul groups. It also examines the effects of the current massive energy shift affecting all life on the planet.



Soul Wave explores:

  • the Other Side, Soul Dimension and higher dimensions
  • using intuition, synchronicities and psychic occurrences to identify your soul plan
  • the soul map, life lessons, themes and personal cycles
  • free will versus fate
  • crossing over, the life review, and reconnecting to loved ones on Earth
  • soul groups and their ongoing role in the evolution of mankind and transformation of human consciousness
  • Earth’s present and future
  • good and evil on Earth and the Other Side