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Black Arrow

Black Arrow by Arthur C. Eastly

A true Western is hard to find. Author, Arthur C. Eastly, knew that when he started writing Black Arrow. As a fan of the genre, and of the era, he had a story to tell that was griping, unique, and authentic. Black Arrow has won the hearts of readers across Canada and the United States, as well as a Silver Medal IPPY Award. This pretigous honour was the first IPPY win for a 4th Floor Press book, one that put our company on the map.

Black Arrow‘s sequel, Willow Flower, was also published by 4th Floor Press, hitting the shelves just two years after Black Arrow‘s original publication.




Black Arrow

by Arthur Eastly


A time of great opportunity, for those willing to take bold action. Black Arrow is an epic story filled with action, adventure, and historical detail describing North America’s unexplored western frontier when independent fur traders were first finding their way west to the Rocky Mountains.

James Richardson’s desire for a better life takes the reader on a journey by canoe, horse, and keel boat through thousands of square miles from the Hudson Bay Company’s Fort Gary along the Missouri River to the Black Hills and across the wide grasslands to the new settlement of St. Louis. A land lightly inhabited by Native Americans and teeming with herds of buffalo, deer, and elk as it had existed for centuries, still largely unaffected by human influence.

Join a cast of strong characters building a better, safer life for themselves while struggling against nature, large fur companies, and those who would rob and kill for easy gain.

Black Arrow – A western novel in the best tradition.