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Beliefs and Illness: A Model for Healing

Beliefs and Illness: A Model for Healing by Dr. Lorraine M. Wright and Janice M. Bell

Printed in 2009, Beliefs and Illness: A Model for Healing quickly became one of 4th Floor Press’ best selling titles. Picked up by university bookstores across Canada, this innovative and well-written book has found its way into classrooms and lecture halls all over the world. It’s message of living alongside illness and the importance of our beliefs resonants deeply with readers.


Beliefs and Illness: A Model for Healing

A compassion centered approach to illness suffering for

health care providers and families


What you believe affects your illness and your relationships. Serious illness and loss often invites suffering in individuals and families that is not adequately addressed by health care providers.


While primarily written for clinicians, including nurses, physicians, social workers, psychologists, and medical family therapists, Beliefs and Illness: A Model for Healing takes Doctors Wright and Bell’s internationally acclaimed Illness Beliefs Model and makes it easy to understand for the patient and their families as well. Developed from over 25 years of clinical practice, The Illness Beliefs Model has helped ease the suffering of countless of patients around the world by enabling clinicians and families to examine their own beliefs that may be causing unnecessary suffering within the illness experience.


Beliefs are at the heart of healing.


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