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The Easy Road: Steering GenZed to Success


The Easy Road

Steering GenZed to Success

by Valora L. Douglas

eBook Available on Amazon Kindle and Kobo

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“High School doesn’t prepare teens for the real world.”
“I don’t know what I want to do when I finish school.”
“I can’t wait to move out of the house and start my own life and make my own rules.”

These are all words uttered by teens today and by teens from generations past. While the real world is an exciting place to dream about, it can also be very intimidating to those who are being thrown into it from the institutionalized setting of formal schooling.
The Easy Road has been written to inspire you to live a life of intention, while embracing the newness that life presents, as you embark on a real journey of success.

Within these pages you will:
• Gain a better understanding of yourself
• Identify skills and interests to personalize your career path
• Set out your personalized plan for success
• Gather tips on how to Stand Out Among Others
• Learn important dos and don’ts for success
By understanding yourself and setting a path, you can drive The Easy Road on cruise control.


Author’s website: www.genzed.ca
The Easy Road: www.theeasyroad.ca